The services offered by Cassaform is backed with over 30 years’ experience in the building construction and rental industries. No matter what the size of your project we understand that every project faces its own unique and varied challenges and we promise to do our very best to meet and exceed your service and support expectations.
Whilst our vast product range and ability to source specialised products and services from around the globe is guaranteed to provide us with the capability of supporting your project, it is our people that will make the difference.

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Engineering Solutions

Engineering Solutions

Cassaform recognises that temporary works are a key function in the construction process. As a result, we aim to supply cost efficiency to building and construction sites by providing the market with custom-designed solutions.

To achieve this, Cassaform has set up our in-house engineering team with industry experience that can work closely with clients and other stakeholders throughout the project process. i.e. from the concept and design phase right through to commissioning and handover.

The engineers can provide you with tailored solutions with detailed drawings that clearly show the most efficient and safest method that should be taken. This enables us to support our clients in delivering the best and most cost-effective engineered solution for the project. We can support you from the early planning stage to installation and provide you with engineering sign-off for designs.

Transport & Rental Service

Transport & Rental Service

Cassaform draws upon Australia and Europe’s most innovative formwork, propping, and scaffolding equipment systems to service the Victoria construction and building market. The rental service offered by Cassaform provides logistics support to deliver material to projects in the shortest and most cost-efficient manner possible. A comprehensive network of transport and logistics organisations are used to meet the project-specific requirements.

The equipment fleet is guaranteed to cover all types of applications at the highest quality standards. If this is not achievable from warehouse stock, we can also draw upon equipment, engineering and expertise from international suppliers to achieve the end goal of all stakeholders.

Costumer Service Assistance

Customer Service & Assistance

Cassaform provides a wide range of customer services to suit your project requirements. We do so by making available our engineers, technicians and sales consultants throughout the project to support and train the customer on-site in the correct use and application of the equipment.

We will use our experiences from past projects to optimise the development of solutions. We understand that cooperating with builder professionals promotes professional growth. Cassaform actively practices sharing skills through onsite training.

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Sales Support

Our Sales and Engineering Team will support you throughout the project. They have the knowledge and experience to advise you on effective solutions based to improve productivity and to reduce costs.


At Cassaform we recognised that equipment is only efficient if it maintains its performance over time. In order to achieve this we inspect, service and maintain all our equipment after every hire to ensure its optimal condition is maintained throughout its service life. Repairs where required are performed by skilled people that assure the fitness for reuse of the equipment.

experience in the building construction

Cassaform prides itself on the inherent safety of our product ranges offered and the solutions that we design. Safety is a major criteria built into our designs and is practiced by all our personnel in all areas of our business and customer service.

Technical Expertise
Technical Expertise

Every project, large or small, requires a unique design. Our highly skilled team of Engineers will firstly gain a thorough understanding of your specific requirements, and then provide a solution designed to more than meet them in terms of speed and accuracy. With a view to cost effectiveness.

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We have delivered outstanding performance which has been fostered on a foundation of mutual trust and respect. This success has been earned through good communications, hard work and dedication.

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