Push Pull Props

If you are required to support lateral loads like vertical formwork shutters for walls, concrete tilt panels, or existing walls during demolition then look no further than Cassaform’s push pull prop range for all your solutions. We can even assist with your engineering requirements to help specify the right type of props for your project.

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All products are manufactured under a Quality Assured System, Certified to ISO9001 and meeting all requirements of AS3850, AS1170, AS3600 & AS4100.

All products are Australian made from Quality Australian Duragal high strength square hollow sections.

The design capacities and Working Load Limits (WLL) of Cassaform’s push Pull prop range have been derived from extensive manufacturer’s research and verified with load testing.

Push Pull Safety Brace Props
Prop Type Description Weight (kg) Closed Position (m) kN Fully Extended (m) kN
Type A Trench Mini 20 1.2 35 1.8 30
Type B Super Trench 27 1.5 35 2.5 30
Type C Super Mini 36 2.4 35 4.10 25
Type D Mini 38 2.6 35 4.4 30
Type E Standard 54 4.4 40 6.8 14
Type F Jumbo 78 6.2 25 10.0 6
Type G Super Jumbo 106 6.4 30 11.5 8

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