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Cassaform is a trusted Australian supplier of high quality propping and shoring equipment to the Building Construction & Civil Infrastructure sectors. We provide a comprehensive and innovative product range which is backed by reliable service and advice. Our experienced technical staff and in house engineering team are committed to providing a personalised and responsive service to your project.

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Cassaform recognises that temporary works forms a key function in the construction process. As a result we aim to supply cost efficiency to building & construction sites by providing the market with custom designed solutions. To achieve this Cassaform has set up our own in house engineering team with industry experience that can work closely with clients and other stake holders throughout all phases of the project process. I.e. from concept and design phase right through to commissioning and handover. This enables us to support our clients to deliver the best and most cost effective engineered solution for the project. We can now support you from the early planning stage through installation and also provide you with engineering sign off for designs.

Cassaform provides an onsite assessment, engineering and delivery service with all Propping Systems.

Varieties of props

Benefits of using Cassaform Propping Equipment over others?

Cassaform has an in-house engineering team which can design almost any propping solution for your project.

In addition, Cassaform has, within its standard fleet, a huge variety of different propping systems to suit almost every application. Manufactured from either steel or aluminium they range in height from 500mm to 9000mm and range in capacities from 1kN through to 1000kN. Cassaform will design, source and supply the most cost effective solution to best suits your specific application.

Please consult a Cassaform representative on 1300 745 674 for a detailed quotation.

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