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Cassaform’s P300 Formwork Hire is a universal modular formwork system suitable for casting in-situ walls or any vertical structure on site. The P300 Formwork panels are simple, strong and sturdy. Thanks to their modularity they are suitable both for small medium-size sites and for large projects to build shear walls, retaining walls, shafts, columns, abutments and piers.

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Cassaform Wall Formwork System

The P300 Wall Formwork System is ideal for almost every vertical casting job and provides the best solution between productivity and cost. Their efficiency modularity, versatility and weight of these panels makes them fast to assemble and is guaranteed to fulfil every work site requirement.

The P300 Panel System can be either placed vertically or horizontally to create the desired shape on site. They are available in sizes of 3.0m, 1.5m and 1.0m high and in incremental widths form 1.0m down to 0.050m.

P300 formwork background photo

P300 Formwork inclusions

Also available with this systems are fixed external / internal corners, hinged corners, connecting elements, climbing systems, infill bars, bracing elements and many other accessories which can be assembled in combination to form for bases, plinths, pits, lift shafts, columns and virtually any vertical element you wish to create.

Characteristics of the Typical 300 cm x 100 cm Panel
Reinforced Surface3 m2
Aligning Connectors / panel2
Tie Rod per panel3
Ratio of tie Rods per m21
Use per multi-layer side of ply100
Formwork Capacity60kN/m2 (Column 80kN/m2)
Element Weight110kgs (36.7kg/m2)

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