Super Shore System

The Cassaform Super-Shore System is a simple three component system consisting of frames, braces, base & head jacks to support suspended slabs. It is particularly suited to slab designs with band beams and offers the benefits of cost efficiency with improved productivity and design versatility. Frame spacing can be simply increased or decreased in the design to accommodate different slab / beam thicknesses.

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cassaform super shore system


Capable of supporting up to 35 KN per leg, the Cassaform Super-shore system has infinite height adjustment and can be stacked on top of each other to achieve even greater heights. Its modular design means that it is extremely flexible when it comes to installing on the job and gives you the flexibility to simply and easily handle your formwork requirements


  • Meets Australian Standard AS3610
  • Ideal for either commercial or domestic suspended slabs as well as civil infrastructure projects like bridges.
  • Ideal for repetitive applications because they can be assembled in to large modules and simply lifted in to the new position.
  • Cassaform’s standard colour coded cross bracing system minimises errors on site, increasing productivity.
  • Fully adjustable and modular to suit your specific height requirements.
  • Light and Easy to handle, reducing labour costs, and means that it can easily be installed under existing structures.
  • Requires no special tooling therefore speeding up and simplifying installation time and costs.
  • Cassaform Super-Shore has a Safe Working Load of up to 35 KN per frame.

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