Cassaform’s Green Formwork System

Cassaform's new and advanced Green Formwork Modular Shoring System is an advance aluminium panel and prop formwork system which allows for an early stripping process.

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greenform system


Cassaform’s Green Formwork System is assembled from below for ultimate safety.  The largest panel size available which covers an area of 2.16m2 (1.8m x 1.2m) weighs under 45kg whereas all the other remaining components weigh less than 23kg.

The system is pre-lined with a quality formply which therefore eliminates the need for you to purchase LVL Bearers, Joists and formply for your project which will save you considerable costs.

The system is extremely efficient and essentially has only 4 main components, pan, prop and occasional brace gate or infill section which simplifies the installation and site management process with unskilled labour.  The unique drop head system, built into the prop, allows the pans to be recycled within 3-4 days of the slab being poured and can be quickly and easily moved up to the next suspended level.  Because of its efficiency it means that far less equipment needs to be delivered and removed from site therefore also reducing your transport costs for the project.

The props are spaced at 1.8m x 1.2m which therefore allows for increased access under the formed area therefore improving movement of people, materials and equipment throughout the project.

Green Formwork Modular Shoring System


Fast, efficient assembly with minimal components.

Three men can install approximately 400m2 per day.

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