Aluminium Pan System

Cassaform’s Aluminium Pan System is a modular formwork system for concrete slabs cast in place. Designed and manufactured in Italy, it is light weight and consists of a series of props with a drop head system which supports aluminium beams and panels. It is easy to install and does not require specialised labour for assembly. Its application is suited to residential construction projects, multi-story buildings and industrial construction projects.

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Assembled from below, all elements of the system weigh less than 20kg and can be manually handled quickly and easily.

The aluminium panels come already pre-lined with formply therefore elimination the need to purchase conventional timber and formply for the project.

The use of beams significantly reduces the number of props required to cast a slab compared to other slab systems (i.e. 1 Prop / 3.375m2). This increases accessibility under the formed slab which therefore improves the horizontal movement of people, materials and equipment through the project. Depending on the slab thicknesses and soffit heights being cast either steel or aluminium props can be used.

The drop head system allows the panels and beams to be stripped and reused within a few days of casting therefore significantly reducing on-site equipment requirements of the project.


The systematic assembly process and lightweight system components and accessories significantly increases productivity. Three men can assemble approximately 500m2 per day.

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