Formwork Timber Hire

Cassaform’s Linear System Beams, otherwise known as PL20 Wooden Beams, are an ideal, cost effective replacement of traditional LVL timbers. They are 20cm deep yellow wooden beam that come in the following different lengths which are protected at the heads with specialised plastic end caps.

  • 2450 mm
  • 2900 mm
  • 3900 mm
  • 4900 mm
  • 5900 mm

The PL20 beams have a high load-bearing capacity and rigidity. They can effectively be used in any situation to replace LVL timbers typically used in the formwork industry i.e. to conventionally form walls, columns, slab or special formwork. They are extremely light in weight compared to LVL’s and their unique high load bearing properties means the quantity of material required by the project can be significantly reduced therefore also reducing transport and labour costs.

Linear System Features & Benefits