Lift Shaft & Stair Core Formwork Systems

Cassaform modular lift core & stair core system is 100% compatible with the P300 Wall Formwork System. The conical internal stripping corners allows the internal box to be contracted away from the cast concrete in its fully assembled state. This eliminates the need the internal box to be dismantled and reassembled compared with conventional methods therefore rending the internal box ready for immediate reuse.

Once stripped it can be locked back into it original shape and is ready for immediate reuse by either dropping it onto the internal protection deck or supporting brackets mounted to the previously cast tie bar holes.

External shutters of cores can also be stripped and reassemble within minutes with the use of standard clamps and stripping infill bars.

In Situ Core Systems

Shaft Protection Platform

The Cassaform shaft protection platform is a fully mobile platform which is assembled inside the shaft at the ground level and can then be progressively lifted during the shaft casting process to ensure ultimate worker safety and protection at all times. The shaft protection system consists of standard components which can be assembled to suit almost any shaft size and can also be used to as temporary support platform inside the shaft to support formwork during the climbing process. If required the protection platform can also be installed with a trailing deck below.

The main support beams of the platform have a gravity anchoring paw system on each end of the beam so that when the platform is raised to the next level the self-lock paws simply and automatically lock in to the shaft walls under gravity when the next designated height is reached. In our opinion no shaft anywhere in the world should ever be built without such as shaft protection platform in place. And if they were we would not see the shaft injuries that so often occur.

Crane Assisted Climbing Systems Core Formwork Systems

Crane Assisted Climbing Systems

The Cassaform crane assisted climbing systems are designed and produced in Italy and seamlessly integrate with other standard wall form systems. They enable vertical construction joints to be created in succession without the use of scaffolding. They are the ideal solutions used to support steel formwork climbing systems and to cast concrete walls well in advance, and completely independently of the other concrete structural elements.

The use of climbing systems ensures significant optimisation of time and resources.

These systems have been perfectly engineered and manufactured with standard components that allow for fast and easy assembly on-site. They are well suited to cast:

  • Standard Core shaft walls
  • Vertical and inclined dam walls up to 30°,
  • Singled sided wall casting systems and
  • Large bridge piers

Service accessories such as access ladder stairs, trap doors and handrail systems allow all phases of the climbing process to be completed easily and safely by workers at all times.