The Cassaform P300 Modular Formwork System can easily be adapted to form in-situ columns to form square and rectangular shaped columns.

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adjustable p300 column panel

Adjustable Column Panels

The P300 Column Panel is used to form both square and rectangular columns. With adjustable increments of 50mm from 200mm x 200mm right up to 850mm x 850mm.

External Corners and Panels

External Corners and Panels

External corner sections can be utilised to make up columns and conventional block outs can be used to create different sizes.

Fixed & Hinged Corners

Fixed & Hinged Corners

The use of fixed and hinged corners with standard panels may be used to construct multiple size columns on site. The hinge allows the column to open up without dismantling rendering the column box ready for immediate reuse.

P300 Column Panel

Panels with Conventional Stop Ends

Generally better suited to larger blade type columns and small walls the standard P300 panel can be assembled with conventional ply and timber stop ends.


  • Clamp on chamfer strips can be used that require no nailing
  • High number of re-uses through the robust design
  • Height adjustable in 3.0m, 1.5m or 1.0m increments (Not in all designs)
  • Maximum permissible concrete pressure 60 kN/m2

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