Cassaform Helps Build Brighton Kindergarten

This particular builder needed a formwork supplier with experience in suspended slabs and came to us a few weeks ago with a construction drawing of a kindergarten project they were about to commence in Brighton Victoria.

Cassaform Supershore Formwork Frames

Cassaform helps build new Brighton kindergarten.

Using the structural & architectural drawings provided, our in-house Cassaform formwork specialist estimated the quantities of formwork frames, braces, base jacks and head jacks required to form the suspended slab and provided the client with a detailed written quote for the job.

Upon completion of the Engineering design and within days of placing the order all the equipment required to form the suspended slab was rigorously inspected and verified ready for hire and delivered to site. With no time to waste construction of the suspended slab was immediately commenced.

Upon visiting the site only a few days later, to check on how things were going, we were literally amazed to see how much they had formed in just a few short days. As you would expect from a well organised builder like this they have already placed a forward order with us for No 3 Cassaform Acrow props to back prop the slab when the false work has been stripped from the site.

A real credit to this builder for wasting no time getting stuck right into the project.

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