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What is Steel Formwork?

Formwork is the terminology used to describe the material required to shape or mold concrete structures prior to curing.

It can be permanent such as lost formwork which is cast into the slab soffit or each side of insitu walls or it can be temporary. Temporary formwork predominantly consists of a plywood or plastic sheet, reinforced by conventional timbers or modular aluminum type systems. Depending on the class of finished required and the formwork system adopted, formwork liners are also being incorporated to enhance the concrete finish.

Formwork is supported by falsework or shoring which usually consists of timber, aluminum or steel sections. Given the volumes of gear required and shorter project durations it may be feasible to consider formwork hire as an alternative to purchase.

What are your propping equipment hire terms?

Cassaform propping equipment hire generally attracts either a minimum hire term of between two (2) or four (4) weeks depending on product lines however can be specific to suit your project requirements.

Benefits of using Cassaform Propping Equipment over others?

Cassaform has an in-house engineering team which can design almost any propping solution for your project.
In addition, Cassaform has, within its standard fleet, a huge variety of different propping systems to suit almost every application. Manufactured from either steel or aluminium they range in height from 500mm to 9000mm and range in capacities from 1kN through to 1000kN. Cassaform will design, source and supply the most cost effective solution to best suits your specific application.

What do we provide?

Australian & privately owned with a firm awareness of its identity, Cassaform seeks to provide efficient, quality and cost effective propping, shoring and formwork Solutions, both hire and sales to the industry.

What is our goal?

Built with on a strong philosophy of service and solutions at the very core of our values, Cassaform makes construction more efficient, faster and safer. Our goal to provide the best service experience possible to our customers is what drives us every day. We are proud of this unique culture we have created and is the very basis of our commercial success and recognition within the industry.

What brought us the success?

This success has been possible due to the individual team members of Cassaform that have delivered outstanding performance which has been fostered on a foundation of mutual trust and respect. This success has been earned through good communications, hard work and dedication.

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