Powercor Australia & Citipower – Sand & Gravel Storage Bunkers Brooklyn Case Study

Powercor Australia & Citipower – Sand & Gravel Storage Bunkers Brooklyn

Cassaform were engaged to engineer, design and supply a fast, reliable and efficient formwork system to save construction time and reduce material expenditure.

With the current material and labour shortages in the construction industry, Cassaform was asked by our client to design and supply a fast and reliable modular wall formwork system to construct the 2.7m high walls of the Sand & Gravel Storage Facility in Brooklyn for Powercor Australia & Citipower.  With speed and efficiency in mind, Cassaform supplied the P300 wall systems.

Overview of Job: With a total wall area of 376m2, the Sand & Gravel Storage bunkers at the Brooklyn facility needed to be formed, reinforced and poured in less than 2 weeks to minimise client disruption.

Key Features: Construction 300mm thick reinforced concrete walls to form a total of six (6) bunkers each with a 3.5m wide opening x 6.8m deep x 2.7m high.

Product & Services Used: Cassaform Double Sided P300 Modular Formwork System & Engineering and Design Services.

Cassaform’s involvement: Engineer, design and supply a modular formwork system save the client construction time and material costs.

Based on the turnaround time in which the project was completed, we estimate that the client saved as much as 56.7% labour and material costs on our solution offered compared to the conventional methodology commonly used in the industry.


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by Kyle Valadon