Melbourne Airport T2 Upgrade – 100t Prop Case Study

Client: John Holland

About the project: The Melbourne Airport T2 expansion created 25,000m² of new space, including a new outbound international passenger security and customs processing zone and a 7,000m² passenger concourse with five aircraft parking bays, including three gates with dual-level aerobridges to accommodate A380s.

The project also required an international passenger precinct, redevelopment of retail space and enhancement of the terminal’s baggage capabilities – resulting in a 50% improvement in outbound flight baggage delivery, increasing delivery speed from 3,000 bags per hour to 4,500 bags per hour.
This expansion project provided a much-needed upgrade to a dated terminal that experiences a phenomenal 26 million passenger and 195,000 aircraft movements per year.

Overview of the project: Cassaform was engaged to supply the heavy-duty propping. The project involved the demolition of the existing stair and lift core at ground level and the installation of custom fabricated steel beams to re support the remaining core above.
Completing this project would allow space around the existing core to be better utilised as a baggage reclaim. The remaining core would still service the structure above and thus had to remain. The terminal 2 departures lounge at the airport directly above was to remain in service throughout the works.
Cassaform’s engineers worked diligently between both consultants and contractors to source and supply heavy duty propping capable of supporting the 600ton core. Propping had to be positioned to not inhibit the installation of permanent steel beams whilst still providing the required capacity and stability.
Survey points were setup and monitored during the works with a maximum 2mm compression being experienced – a great result. The project was successfully completed to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Product Used: 100 ton Propping System

About the product: The popularity of the Super 100 prop comes down to the fact that it provides you with a massive 100-ton load capacity. It is a heavy-duty propping system designed for the extra high loads. Its strength comes from the rigid and robust steel design and its versatility makes it perfectly suited to heavy duty back propping requirements to support mobile cranes on suspended slabs, temporary bridges, and heavy-duty falsework towers.
The super 100 system is fully adjustable between 410mm and 12000mm unsupported.

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by Kyle Valadon