Ferny Creek Bridge Repair – Case Study

Remediation works were undertaken to increase the design life of the existing Ferny Creek Bridge in Ferntree Gully.

Cassaform was engaged to determine loadings, design and supply an adequate propping system to limit the primary bridge girder deflection to less than 2mm. This was achieved by reducing the primary bridge span to less than 8m with two symmetrical arrangements on each side of the creek. Arrangements were supported off structural steel spreader beams and transferred gravity load to the foundation through temporary screw piles up to 7m deep. The propping system also included Lateral and transverse bracing given construction intolerances and eccentricities.

Overview of Job: Remediation works were undertaken to increase the design life of the existing Ferny Creek bridge.

Key Features: The bridge is a single span bridge of just over 13m and provides access to the Ferntree Gully Community Centre. The current works involved removal of the timber decking and replacement with Precast planks and an inside layer of concrete, as well as upgrading the barrier and protection systems. Given the span of this bridge and the requirement to reduce deflection during construction given the composite nature of the new deck, a temporary propping system was required.

Product used: Cassaform’s 30ton HD props & Engineering services

About the Product: The 30t Prop is a modular system which provides a custom solution for almost any application on building sites. It is assembled using different components connected together to achieve the desired height or length required.


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by Kyle Valadon