Australia 108 Capping Beam

It’s been just over three years since Cassaform was engaged by Delta Group to supply a formwork system capable of forming the large capping beams for the ionic Australia 108 project. Australia 108 is a supertall residential skyscraper, when complete it will stand 317m tall, consist of 100 floors and provide 1,105 apartments to the Melbourne community. It is expected to be complete next year (2020).

Cassaform’s scope for the project involved the formwork supply, design, supervision and certification of a 2.2m high one-sided formwork system. It needed to be; installed and dismantled quickly whilst also remaining safe and feasible.

To expedite the onsite installation process and keep within the three day program the primary bracing components were assembled off-site. The design also incorporated postfix connections to provide flexibility and increase tolerance.

The project was successfully completed in under two weeks, to program and most importantly to the client’s satisfaction.

Australia 108 PDF