Formwork System: Advantages Of Modular Formwork Systems Over Conventional Formwork Methods

Modular Formwork Systems vs Conventional Formwork

For insitu concrete, a modular formwork system provides Commercial, Civil and Industrial contractors with significant savings when compared with conventional methods. Modular Formwork Systems are generally easy to assemble and much faster than conventional Formwork, saving time, allowing you to pour sooner.

In addition, with the option to hire, Modular Formwork Systems save contractors by reducing the costs associated with conventional purchases. This eliminates the need to recover purchase costs by reusing or reselling materials once the job is complete.

When choosing to either buy or hire formwork you should look for a supplier who provides:

  • Advice on the latest innovations and formwork solutions within the formwork industry,
  • Safety and guidance through well planned design & support,
  • Quantity take off’s to accurately provide material costs pre construction, and
  • Re assurance knowing that the equipment is serviced and tested and therefore quality assured.

There are many advantages to using a Modular Formwork System that can assist you in your scope of works. Adding value to your project by providing innovative time saving solutions but never at the expense of safety and quality.

Design Of Modular Formwork Systems

Many formwork suppliers now offer in house design as a tailored service to your project. An example of this is shown below where, Cassaform provided the design which provided significant advantages over conventional formwork.


and then supplied the contractor their P300 Wall formwork system which was quickly and easily assembled on site.


Cassaforms P300 modular formwork systems


The advantages of this were;

  • Fast assembly when compared to conventional formwork,
  • Less complications and “surprises” on site,
  • Hire costs were significantly less than the upfront purchases for conventional formwork components,
  • Re assurance knowing that the hired equipment had been serviced and tested prior to use,
  • Share of responsibilities between Contractor/and supplier.

Advantages When compared to Conventional Formwork

Modular formwork systems are designed with standardized panels and component items to reduce or limit the need for cutting material on site. This  speeds up the overall process and therefore requires less labour on site. They are also interchangeable with conventional methods.

Expert Advice  

Sales, Engineering and Customer service teams are always there to give advice and opinions for your project and to ensure the correct equipment is given. Through project planning and in depth planning with your formwork consultant, tailoring a system for your project can save on costs and help streamline the process.


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From small concrete pits, through to large culvert structure and wing walls, Suspended slabs, columns and core systems, utilizing modular formwork systems will help your company reap the rewards giving your company many advantages over conventional methods.

by Kyle Valadon