Seven Ways to Choose The Best Formwork Company in Melbourne

Are you searching for a formwork company? Concrete formwork is not something you want to take chances with.  Your formwork specialist needs to know what they are doing and be able to do it well.  Inadequate formwork doesn’t just affect your budget; and it can also affect the health and safety of everyone involved.

Seven ways to make sure you choose the best formwork company in Melbourne

To help you with your crucial formwork decision, here are seven ways to make sure you choose the best company Melbourne has to offer:

1. Look for modern formwork systems

Whatever formwork company you use should be able to offer modern formwork systems and solutions.  Traditional formwork methods utilise equipment like timber bearers, joists and formply lining, but the assembly and labour involved are costly and time-consuming.  This does not mean it can’t be used effectively in the right circumstances, but to ensure you are hiring an expert that is right for your project, you should have access to all the modern system options to ensure you get the best one.

Our steel modular Cassaform systems can provide up to, and in some cases even, over 50% labour and time savings to your project compared to traditional methods.

2. There should be a variety of options and services

Within the phrase ‘modern formwork systems’ are a lot of different formwork options and approaches for different projects. An expert will have a good idea of all the options available and be able to direct you to the best one for your job.

Our solutions, for example, include:

  1. Vertical forms
    • Conventional timber
    • Double-sided wall formwork
    • Single-sided wall formwork
    • Modular formwork (lightweight & Steel)
    • Permanent polymer-type forms
  2. Horizontal forms
    • Conventional timber
    • Aluminum panel-type systems
    • Aluminum beam-panel systems
    • Permanent steel tray-type forms

3. Find out about the engineers

When researching formwork companies, a good question to ask is where their engineer is located.  Do they have an in-house engineer who is going to be able to provide quick responses and visit the site? Or do they outsource their engineering and risk long wait times on plans?

We have in-house engineers who are involved in all our projects.  They help with the entire process, including concept drawings, proposals, finalising details, and even visiting the project site to offer support and assistance during the project.

4. Make sure you will be supported

Every formwork job is different, but the support from your formwork company should never falter.  Whether hiring a system or requiring a custom solution for a complex job, you should expect to receive quick and effective communications and support throughout the process.

One of the ways we do this is by providing you with an account manager who takes care of your project through every stage of preparation and execution.  We also make sure your account manager or engineer will visit the site on a regular basis to offer support while the formwork is being implemented.

5. Check their experience

Time and experience tell a tell-tale of whether a formwork company is the best.  Make sure the company you choose has proven industry experience, and look for reviews and references that speak for its quality.

6. Look at their work

On top of their experience, you should be able to see the projects a good formwork company has worked on to see if they are right for you.  Look at their history and see if they have experience handling the type of job you are working on.

Click here to see some of our case studies of jobs we have completed.

7. Check that they are licensed and insured

A crucial thing to check when engaging a formwork company is that they are both licensed and insured.  This is the first of many safety checks that should be involved in the formwork process.

At Cassaform, we have ensured we meet all these criteria, making us one of the best formwork companies in Melbourne, Australia. Contact us today to find out more and speak to one of our friendly team about your project.

by Kyle Valadon