P300 Column Forms

Easily adapted to form in-situ square and rectangular-shaped columns suitable for domestic, commercial, and civil infrastructure projects.

The P300 system enables columns to be formed in essentially three ways:

  1. With the use of adjustable column panels (Fig 1.)
  2. With the use of Standard P300 panels with external corners or timber stop ends (Fig 2, Fig 3. & Fig 4.) or
  3. Fabrication of Special Column Forms (Fig 5 & Fig 6.)

All column forms can be preassembled by Cassaform in our warehouse and simply lifted into position saving valuable time on site.
The maximum permitted pressure for concrete for the adjustable column forms is 80 kN/m2 whereas in the case of the standard P300 Panel it is 60 kN/m2.
All the column solutions shown below are of columns to a height of 3m however it is possible to reach any desired height up to a maximum of 9m in increments of either 1m, 1.5m or 3m panels joining to either to the top or bottom.

The P300 Column form shown above can be used to form both square and rectangular columns and can be configured in incremental increases of 50mm from 200mm x 200mm right up the 850mm x 850mm.

As an alternative to the Adjustable Column Panel, we can also possible use standard P300 Panels sections to form columns.  This can either be done using:

  • 0+0 External Corners as indicated in Fig2.
  • 10+5 External Corner as indicated in Fig 3. Or
  • Standard P300 Panels with timber stop ends

The 0+0 External Corner as the name suggests provides literally a zero/zero corner to join specific size panels to achieve the desired size.  As indicated below this method can also be used in conjunction with timber infills to achieve the finite column dimensions require.

10 + 5 CORNERS
The 10+5 External Corner as the name suggests produces a 100mmx50mm corner to which the standard P300 panels of various sizes can be added.  Of course with the combination of standard P300 panels plus 0+0 and 10+5 external corners and internal corners columns of all shapes and sizes can be achieved.

For narrow columns or where the use of external corners is not appropriate, the standard P300 panels can also be used in conjunction with timber stop ends as indicated in Fig 4.

Where special-shaped columns are required, the Cassaform in-house engineering team can design and fabricate columns to your specific requirements which are compatible with the Standard P300 Panel.  This can range from small 3m high column right up to massive 12m Bridge Column Piers.

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by Kyle Valadon