Massive Construction and Developments in Victoria, Australia

Written By Managing Director, Joe Caprara

After the 3-year pandemic hibernation, Victoria is beginning to wake up from its slumber as construction sites and infrastructure projects around the state begin to rise and transform the environment, we live in.  Initiated by the infrastructure investment program by the state government, there are lots of other diverse and ambitious projects that are beginning to surface that will no doubt be a game changer for Melbourne.    

When the Victorian Government launched Victoria’s “Big Build Program in 2020” it spurred economic growth and generated more than 18,000 jobs giving opportunities to skilled construction workers and construction support services. Some of these projects included the Metro Tunnel, Removal of 85 level crossings across Melbourne, the West Gate Tunnel, major road upgrades, Melbourne airport rail, Suburban Rail Loop, enhancing of regional passenger lines in Victoria.  

There were also massive housing projects that the government released that will comprise 50,000 new housing lots required for its growing population. This huge property development project is expected to commence breaking ground in 2023 and when completed will create a total of 12 new suburbs.  These suburbs are proposed will be in the Beveridge North-West, Wallan South and East, Shenstone Park, Lindum Vale, and Cardinia Creek South areas.  

Given this number of humongous projects around Victoria, this has, and will continue to provide plenty of opportunities to Construction industries. There is a real buzz within the construction community knowing that the coming years will continue to provide opportunities for companies to grow and prosper but will also create a positive impact across the metropolitan and regional areas. It will no doubt create jobs and give rise to different commercial enterprises that will continue to awaken the city’s economic state.  

Victoria & Melbourne is a representation of how infrastructure can support the economic recovery post-Covid surge in the city.  

We look forward to a much progressive Victoria in the coming years where communities are more connected, a safe and healthy environment to each one, and a livable city with the best and stable infrastructure for its inhabitants. 

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by Joe Caprara