LVL and Formply Shortages Australia Wide

Written by Managing Director, Joe Caprara.

As you may have realised by now there is a huge shortage today of both LVL & Formply available in the Construction Industry.  And if you have not realised it yet, do yourself a favour, try and place an order with your regular supplier and see how you go?

Whilst there is some stock still being produced in Australia, production is very limited.  Unfortunately, this is maybe due to our reliance as an industry on overseas supply chains.

Shipping costs have also increased significantly and depending on the product being imported this could add up to as much as 20-30% to the imported product costs.  Whilst I believe that this is slowly correcting itself, we are probably still 6-12 months away from things getting back to some normality.

If you have a construction program to meet and supply of raw materials like Form ply and LVL is causing you a problem……Consider using either a modular wall or suspended slab system instead.  Apart from the savings in material costs we can show you how these systems can save you up to 50% of your onsite labour costs.

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by Joe Caprara