Construction Industry Challenges

Article Written by Managing Director, Joe Caprara.

The construction industry is being hit by a number of challenges simultaneously. As interest rates drop to unprecedented levels this is stimulating private building and investment in the residential and small commercial developments.  This coupled with Government Infrastructure projects ramping up across Australia is causing both a skills and construction materials shortages of basic products such as timber, metal decking and concrete.  These shortages are not just happening in Australia either, it is occurring across the world.


Not only are the longer wait times for material physically delaying construction projects, but project material costs are also significantly increasing by as much as 15-30% at the same time. Whilst we have experienced timber shortages before, this is being called “the worst timber shortage in 40 years”.


Unfortunately, these supply chain challenges are not expected to fully recover for at least the next few years which means, that businesses will need to learn how to navigate around these shortages to deliver great turnaround times for clients.


Cassaform being a hire or sale company offers a full range of slab formwork and wall formwork systems that can be utilised to cater to different building and construction projects.

For example, our Aluminium Pan system is a modular formwork system for concrete slabs cast in place. It is light weight and consists of a series of props with a drop head system which supports aluminium beams and panels. These are easy to install and does not require specialised labour for assembly.

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While the P300 Formwork system is a universal modular formwork system suitable for casting in-situ walls or any vertical structure on site. The P300 Formwork panels are simple, strong and sturdy. Thanks to their modularity, they are suitable for both small medium-size sites and for large projects to build shear walls, retaining alls, shafts, columns, abutments and piers.

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by Joe Caprara