Cassaform Visits China Canton Fair

Written By Managing Director, Joe Caprara

The recent trip of Cassaform’s Managing Director – Joe Caprara to the Canton Fair in China aimed at expanding the company’s network and exploring avenues for growth and development.  

With approximately 35,000 distributors spanning across three phases, the Fair stands as one of the world’s largest trade events, attracting visitors from across the globe. The exhibition area itself spans the equivalent of three city blocks, comprising four-story buildings and an outdoor space for larger equipment that cannot fit within the exhibition center. 

The concept of three phases can be likened to attending a home show at Melbourne’s Exhibition Buildings. Phase 1 spans a week, featuring one group of industries and suppliers. Then, there is a three-day gap between phases, during which the initial suppliers transition out, making way for the second group of distributors. The same process repeats in Phase 3. 

Being a first-time visitor to China, approaching this journey with a bit of uncertainty on what to expect. However, the locals’ hospitality was truly impressive. The people in Guangzhou were caring, gentle, and incredibly hospitable that will make you eager to return for a holiday in the near future. Guangzhou itself will leave you a lasting impression, being one of the cleanest and most well-organized cities you could ever see. 

 Cassaform’s Managing Director never missed the opportunity to engage with key suppliers in Formwork Accessories and Formply Industries during this event. And of course, this visit would not be complete without a lighthearted moment of indulging in a Hot Pot dish. 

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by Kyle Valadon