Cassaform’s Impactful Support: Building a Bright Future for Lombok’s Children

Written By Managing Director, Joe Caprara

In July and August of 2018, Lombok Indonesia was shaken by a disastrous earthquake. It was a devastating experience for the whole community, but the determination and willpower of individuals sparked a needed hope for the children of Rempek Village and Santong Village in North Lombok. That hope was transformed into reality with the help of Business Benchmark Group – Classroom of Hope (Block Solutions) with Cassaform’s resolute support. Cassaform believes that we should all be ambassadors of change and progress.  


An initiative to act 

The impact of this catastrophic earthquake was the destruction of over 700 school buildings left in ruins which caused the education of numerous children to be disrupted. The Classroom of Hope teamed up with local partner Pelita Foundation and took the initiative to act by setting up 23 Pop-up Schools, that offer education to approximately 4,000 children in the meantime. However, there is still the need for urgent, lasting, safe, and suitable learning environments for these children. 

Headed by Cassaform’s Managing Director Joe Caprara, Cassaform stepped up to become one of the vital partners for The Block School Program to materialize its vision of helping the community to rise again. Their generous contribution paves the way for the construction of two exceptional schools, the SDN1 Rempek and SDN4 Santong Block Schools. The establishment of these schools signifies the hope and resilience of its community. 


Cassaform’s involvement

Located at the centre of Rempek Village, SDN1 Rempek Primary School was built, proof of Cassaform’s dedication to being ambassadors of change and progress. The earthquakes had destroyed the original school, leaving the students to learn in cramped and inadequate spaces. With Cassaform’s support, two new classrooms were built, accommodating the growing number of eager students to learn. In addition, four modern toilets were constructed, ensuring a healthy and safe environment for the 178 students.

Across the beautiful landscape in Santong Village, SDN4 Santong Primary School emerged, an abode for knowledge brought to life by Cassaform’s outstanding support. The village was scarred by the absence of its school structure, leaving students with inadequate and deteriorating makeshift classrooms. Cassaform’s involvement led to the creation of two fully equipped classrooms and two essential toilets, fostering an environment of learning for 107 students. 


Empowering communities

Cassaform’s impact goes beyond physical structures, but it lays the foundation for brighter futures. The students of Rempek and Santong villages now have a secure and comfortable space to nurture their dreams and aspirations. Cassaform’s support has sparked a wave of transformation, empowered communities and exhibiting the power of unity in working together. As these Block Schools stand as symbols of transformation, it will always be a reminder that every contribution counts in shaping a world where education reigns supreme. 

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by Kyle Valadon