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Cassaform continuously strives to have a positive impact in the Australian building and construction industry by focusing on our goal which is to deliver “Innovative, Fast and Flexible Formwork Solutions.”

We work and aspire to provide great value and insight to all our valued customers and industry partners across Australia.

Being the exclusive distributor of Pilosio Products in Australia, it comes with an assurance that we are backed by a highly experienced team from the other side of the world.

Cassaform has a strong international outlook of partnering with businesses and suppliers from around the globe and only stock the very best products used in many foreign markets including Middle East, USA, South Africa and Europe.

Our goals are centered around to taking the Formwork and Propping industry in Australia to greater heights.

Pilosio Products are widely used in different types of infrastructure projects that’s centered on the development and maintenance of facilities and systems.

Here are a few Infrastructure Projects across the globe where Pilosio Products were used:

Location: Silvaplana – Switzerland

Project: SIMPLEX and MAXIMIX ‪‎formwork towers for the ‪‎construction of the mouths of the Silvaplana tunnels in Canton Ticino, ‪Switzerland.

More Info on the Project here.


Location: Adam City – Oman

Project: P300 ‪formwork system and ‪Simplex support structure for the ‪‎construction of about 200 pipelines (culvert) cast on site. ‪Pilosio proposed a formwork system movable on wheels, made with standard elements of the P300 model, and hinged corners and an internal support system with Simplex frames. With one pour the firm makes the side walls and the floor of the pipe/culvert. The modules are of 3 meters.

More Info on the Project here.


Location: Montebelluna – Italy 

Project: Simplex tables for the construction of 2 large slabs for railway underpass.

More Info on the Project here.


Location: Bellinzona – Switzerland

Project: Construction of the viaduct Bellinzona–Lugano for the high-speed rail of the new trans-Alpine railway.

Pilosio supplied 18 heavy duty MP towers coupled in pairs by means of horizontal stiffeners. For this project, the towers have been designed to support loads up to 3200kN per tower.

The supply also envisaged the use of reinforced and adjustable base plates and forks. In order to distribute equally the 3200 kN load between the 16 columns of the tower, the Pilosio technical dept. has provided a grid of 3 steel HEB beams on the top of the forks.
The adjustment of the heights of the towers is achieved by adjusting the forks and the reinforced base plates.

More Info on the Project here.

Location: Durban – South Africa

Project: Construction of two viaducts for the highway off- ramps.
Abutments and piers of varying height from 8 m to 13 m, were made using the P300 standard modular formwork system as there were no special requirements. The shoring used for the casting of the bridgedeck is a system of MP multidirectional towers interconnected with differing mesh. The deck beams vary in thickness from 30 cm to 140 cm and are made using the MAXIMIX system fixed to MP shoring through various structural supports of iron beams and wooden beams in PL20 to create the necessary inclination. 600 square meters of MP shoring and MAXIMIX formwork have been supplied allowing the bridge to be completed in three phases.

More Info on the Project here.


Location:  Basra – Iraq

Project: The “Mohammed al Baquir Bridge” has a total length of 1,188m and is composed of a central cable-stayed bridge of 288m with spans of 69m + 150m + 69m and two approach viaducts supported by 22 piers of varying heights and two abutments. The total weight of the structure is circa 5,400 tons.

Abutments and foundation plinths To cast the two abutments and foundation plinths the standard P300 formwork system was chosen; an enclosure of pile sheeting bordered the riverbed for the foundations of the central pillars.

More Info on the Project here.


Location: Durban – South Africa

Project: The project involves the construction of a major motorway junction, the N2-M41 Mount Edgecombe Interchange, in the north of the city of Durban, which includes two of the longest viaducts in the country.

Piers and pier caps
For the casting of piers and pier cups, the modularity of the P300 system would certainly have permitted the casting of octagonal piers, but given the particular characteristics of the project, the times would be more dilated giving less accurate aesthetic results than with a system of customized formwork.

More Info on the Project here.


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by Kyle Valadon