Cassaform – Pilosio Products in Industrial Construction Projects Around the Globe

Cassaform being the sole authorized distributor of Pilosio across Australia, we aim to showcase how these world-class, highly effective and distinguishable systems are widely used across the globe.

Industrial Construction is a specific form of building that requires careful planning and design by highly trained professionals.

These companies are large-scale; multi-national corporations. Such projects are run by groups of engineers, managers and sales specialists.

Cassaform is built with a strong philosophy of service as one of core values. We aim to provide industrial construction companies the most cost efficient, fastest and safest formwork and propping solutions.

We aim to provide formwork and propping hire and sales solutions by offering the customer the most cost effective outcome as well as providing the highest quality of extremely well maintained systems.

Here are a couple of projects around the globe where Pilosio products were used in Industrial Construction Projects:

Location: Torino – Italy


P300 formworks with climbing formworks: Use of a P300 formworks system for a series of walls 40 meters high and 55 meters long, with climbing formworks to create all the vertical walls of the waste and slag pits.

Climbing workforms: The use of climbing workforms allowed building walls in stages of 4 meters each with significant speed. A cart model was used to allow maintaining the P300 scaffolding always consistent with the climbing workforms and thus move it like a single unit to the next upper level

More Info on the Project here.


Location: Calgary – Canada



Construction of the 70 million dollar Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant Headworks Facility is underway with Pilosio providing P300 formwork to complete the straight walls and SVELT radial formwork to complete the complex curved sections along with few special steel forms.

More Info on the Project here.


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by Kyle Valadon