Cassaform – Pilosio Products in Civil Construction Projects Around the Globe

Civil Construction is often defined as a branch of Civil Engineering. Such projects requires extensive planning and coordination between a group of engineers and design specialists before any type of civil construction commences.

Cassaform, being led by a well-rounded and experienced Civil Engineer, Joe Caprara, together with a team of highly-skilled in-house engineers, as well as a team of sales specialists who together are able to provide a complete “one-stop shop” type of service to our valued clients and customers.

Aside from propping and formwork hire or sale solutions, Cassaform also provides temporary engineering services which also shows that we aim to provide the most cost-efficient and highly effective solution to the companies and the customers that we work alongside.

Australia has always been considered as a major player in Civil Construction and Cassaform will continue to bring our global outlook to everyone we work with.

Coming from a global perspective, here’s an international project where the Pilosio product is being used:

Location: Caserta – Italy 



An interesting example of customized formworks is the solution designed by the Pilosio technical team for the construction of the hollow circular pillars for the site of the hospital of St. Anna and St. Sebastian in Caserta, where more than 45,000 square feet of interior space has been created to house 500 beds.

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by Kyle Valadon