Good Back Propping Design By Temporary Works Engineers.

Temporary Works Engineers will design the best way of back propping a newly poured concrete slab. Back propping is used to support a suspended slab while the formwork is being stripped. The back propping then remains in place until the slab gains enough strength to support itself. It is a vitally important part of the safe and economic construction of in-situ concrete structures.

Benefits Of Back Propping

Within the construction industry, builders are constantly challenged with the growing need to improve the speed of the project. Before the formwork can be safely removed the concrete must be strong enough to avoid failure or undue cracking and deformation of the slab. For efficient slab construction, incorporating back propping in early striking of the concrete structure can enable the following key outcomes:-

  • Allowing the formwork to become available sooner for reuse, reducing the quantity of formwork required,
  • Gives earlier access for follow on trades and services to the supporting floors,
  • Allows building of the next level to commence sooner,
  • Provides savings in construction time while maintaining site safety and the performance of the concrete structure.

Temporary Works Engineers Design Considerations For Back Propping

The back propping design must take into account the critical loading condition. For a multi-storey build, this may not be when the formwork is struck and the slab becomes self-supporting. The design must ensure the supporting slab can support the weight of a freshly cast slab above.


An Example Of A Back Propping Design By Temporary Works Engineers

With the rapid improvement of technology, the time involved in design has reduced dramatically. Temporary works engineers can now analyze multiple factors to produce an efficient design. They can not only help in solving engineering solutions but can provide efficient, cost effective solutions.

Whether you’re a formworker, builder, developer, or a specialised contractor, back propping with the help of a temporary works engineer can provide cost/time effective solutions and guarantees peace of mind from an independent review.

by Kyle Valadon