How much of a $225 billion industry do you want in 2021?

Written by Managing Director, Joe Caprara.

Cassaform’s Managing Director shared his ideas on the Business Benchmark Group’s report on How Trade Businesses survived 2020.  Hundreds of construction & trade business owners across Australia and New Zealand were surveyed to get a better understanding of where they were at with their business and the challenges they faced during an extremely tough year.

Here are my thoughts:  

If you believe some of the headlines, then the building and construction industry is heading for an uncertain time in the coming years. What do you think is going to happen?

  • $300b infrastructure blitz at risk from skills, raw materials shortage
  • 42,000 builders tipped to lose jobs,
  • Employment in the Building and Construction Industry fell to an estimated 1.17 million jobs to June 2020, or
  • Construction work will decrease 3.2% this financial year.

Some of the headings recently used…… are all very alarming headings, don’t you think?

The reality is these are all newsworthy headings that capture the editor’s audience and that is why they are used.

My business coach Stefan Kazakis, from Business Benchmark Group, wrote this brilliant article and thought, it is far too good not to share with my audience because it brings these alarming new headings and numbers back into perspective.

As a business owner, myself, I’ve not only seen and endured the unique challenges 2020 had to offer, but it has also forced me to grow as an individual, to stay focused, open my eyes and learn from my experiences, and finally look forward and embrace 2021 & beyond.

 Remember “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” Bobby Unser.

 In contrast to the alarming headings above, I wish to finish up on a positive note.

A recent AIG Construction report indicates that the Performance Construction Index (or PCI) improved by a further 2.6 points to 55.3 points in November (seasonally adjusted) indicating a stronger pace of recovery. Results above 50 points in the PCI indicate an expansion.  November marked the second month of positive conditions (above 50 points) and the strongest monthly result since April 2018.

 So, my questions to you are……….

1) What are you choosing to read and focusing on?
2) How much of a $225 billion industry do you want in 2021?


We’d love to hear from you and your thoughts on this. 


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by Joe Caprara