2032 Olympic Games – Congratulations Brisbane

Written By Managing Director, Joe Caprara

As part of the construction industry, we at Cassaform are very excited about Brisbane hosting the 2032 Olympic Games.  

With both government and private industry support in all areas of construction and infrastructure, the games will no doubt play a big part in Australia’s economic recovery after the pandemic years. 

We are already beginning to see huge increase in construction opportunities on a massive scale, in areas like residential, high rise apartments, rehabilitation of transport facilities and residential villages to host participants. Fueled also by the influx of people migrating from the colder southern state, this is opening up construction opportunities for many companies around Australian as well as providing jobs opportunities for the local people of Brisbane and those wishing to migrate here.     

This World Class Event will stir up a 10-year channel of construction opportunities that will pave way for many businesses and industries.

This will not only benefit the Olympic participants but will also have a huge impact on the wider Queensland community many years after the games.  A perfect example of this is the construction of 10,000 bed village in Hamilton, an Industrial site only six kilometers from Brisbane CBD, which will house the Olympic participants but after the games will also provide essential aged care facilities, retirement homes, and low-cost housing / accommodations for its growing population.

Another continuing effect will be the improvements of the Metros, tunnels, parks, and tracks for accessibility of tourists who will be visiting the city to watch the games. These will be left behind as a legacy of the Olympic Games and will benefit and impact the whole city of Brisbane for many years to come.   

Infrastructure and Construction businesses like Cassaform are starting to plan for the growth towards and beyond the Olympics. By anticipating and expanding into the region it will continue to enable us to take advantage of bidding on the diverse range of projects resulting either directly or indirectly from the event.   

Our view is that we should all be aiming for the gold in our respective business and support Australia as it continues grow today and beyond the 2032 Brisbane Olympics Games.   


Well Done, Brisbane!!! 

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by Joe Caprara